About Petrea Imports

Petrea Imports is a wholesaler of boutique Italian wines in North Carolina.

Petrea Imports is a licensed importer and wholesaler of fine Italian wines. Our carefully-selected wine makers produce artisan wines in a wide array of price points. It is a woman-owned business based in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Each wine in our portfolio is hand-selected for its uniqueness, rarity, and quality. You won't find wines like these on the shelves of the local grocery store. Give your retail customers or restaurant patrons an exceptional Italian wine experience with wine selections from Petrea Imports.

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25 Esima Ora Sparkling rose
Barbera D'Alba Superiore Buon Ricordo
Barbera D'Alba Superiore
Brut Nature Sui Lieviti DOCG
Dezzani - Malvasia
Dezzani - Morelli Moscato
Dezzani - Moscato
Dolcino Gigi Rosso
Gigi Rosso - Chardonnay
Gigi Rosso - Gavi
Palagetto - Brunello
Dezzani - Malvasia
Dezzani - Moscato
Lecci e Brocchi
Palagetto - Brunello
Dezzani - Malvasia
Dezzani - Malvasia
Dezzani - Malvasia

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